Crypto made me stop caring about my career

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Crypto made me stop caring about my career

I don’t have a “career” mentality. I work as a manager in a small firm and I do the bare minimum amount of work, I show up late, I have no desire to “advance”, I don’t do any of the things the other colleagues do to kiss ass.

I have developed a new mental trick where I don’t take my coat off at work all day, it helps me mentally frame my job as something I have to do real quick before my real day starts, it just feels like I’m running an errand or something. I don’t view it as the focal point of my day, it’s just an annoyance I have to put up with for now.

I don’t understand the “career” mentality. I see people getting their masters in an attempt to work their way up, I see them trying to pad their resumes to fit the next level on the wager totem pole, I just can’t fathom why this is so important to them. They spend their hard earned money on expensive nice clothes and haircuts and other flashy things to signal their wagie status. Don’t they want out? What’s the point of all of this nonsense?

Crypto is literally taking me out of this wage slaving hell and I just wish all of you guys get out of this hell one day too!

Rant over

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