10 Great Crypto Research Sites and Tools

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10 Great Crypto Research Sites and Tools

These are only some of my own favorites and there are many more out there. If I missed any or have some of your own recommendations, please share!

  • CoinMarketCal:

This website shows all upcoming events and future releases regarding a certain Cryptocurrency. Anyone can post an event and is dictated to be fact or not through a rating system (very similar to Reddit’s upvote/downvote system).


  • CryptoQuant:

A money flow of Bitcoin transferred to and from exchange wallets to evaluate investors’ behavior. Better helps you understand what people are doing in the markets.


  • LunarCrush:

Uses artificial intelligence to gather data on social media surrounding crypto currencies. It organizes social media outlets (including Reddit!) and reports statistical information such as link popularity, news activity, google search volume, and more. All this information is combined to give you a top-level overview of the what the social sentiment really is for different cryptos.


  • Messari:

A crypto data aggregator that helps you scout those hidden gems to add to your portfolio. Messari screener gives you the ability to sort the coin market through a variety of customized filters.


  • Glassnode:

Allows you to unchain market indicators for Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ll be able to see stats like exchange info volume and how it holds up to inflows for the last day.


  • AltCoin Season Index:

An indicator to see how altcoins are stacking up against Bitcoin. Has a score rating for AltCoin season with under 25 being Bitcoin season and over 75 being AltCoin season (current score at time of this post is 63).


  • ByBt:

This is derivative data analytics tools. It’s very useful to those who like to use derivative markets data to formulate trading strategies. Additionally, ByBt has a great liquidation section for you to see liquidations taking place across the market.


  • CoinDance:

A data heavy site for crypto that gives you numbers for things like hash rates, fees, mining breakdowns, network nodes and more. You are even able to sort data by country to see how crypto adoption is going all around the world.


  • TradingView:

A cloud based charting and social networking platform. Find forecasts by numerous crypto traders and see if the mass is feeling bullish or bearish. You’ll be able to view common price targets as well and compare/adjust your own targets.


  • CoinGecko:

A website and app that you can use to stay on top of the crypto markets. You can do a lot with this simple to use platform such as view live price changes for over 6,000 cryptos, set price alerts, rate and view ratings for a coin, build lists, view trending news and more.


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