where to convert the coins?

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where to convert the coins?

I have mined a little bit on my desktop while I am at work and sleeping. I have a little saved up and would like to find a place to convert the coins. I mine them to my Exodus wallet but they say its temporarily disabled and has been for awhile. Anyone know if they plan on re-enabling it?

I have a mining rig that is currently mining ETH and was thinking about switching it over to raven coin for a little while and see how it does but if i cant convert them I am not sure I want to. I dont mind holding onto some of the coins as RVN but would like to convert some over to BTC as well and keep them stored in offline wallet. I use the trezor wallet so it supports RVN but does not allow interaction with exodus so Ill have to figure that out as well.

I also use Coinbase but RVN is not supported on there as well.

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