Profits Aside, It’s Exhilarating to be in at the Beginning of Something Important

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Profits Aside, It’s Exhilarating to be in at the Beginning of Something Important

Back in the early days of the internet, I remember loving the excitement of sending e-mails and creating primitive web pages. This was before everyone just had to be online, so it was something most people didn't know about. You felt smart. You felt exclusive. You felt you were living in the future somehow.

I was too young to profit from it but I watched the internet grow into what it is today and for the first ten years it was just exhilarating to be a small part of it. I look back on that fondly.

I feel the same way about crypto. I definitely invest for the sake of making profits, but even without that it's fascinating and exciting. Honestly, if it was impossible to make money by hodling or trading, I'd probably still be into the tech aspect of it.

The fact that crypto can be used to send money without asking permission from a bank or government is – for me – one of the most important changes of the 21st century. It is fucking huge. Then there's blockchain. I can hardly wrap my brain around it but I love trying to understand it and seeing all the insane applications other people come up with. Smart contracts, public records of transactions… it's all just so damn cool.

Crypto has set loose innumerable possibilities and although there are problems in the communities and obviously a lot of bad ideas, there's just so much to look forward to. I really enjoy the enthusiasm some people in this space have and I'm really glad to be involved in some small way.

I know this subreddit is primarily interested in making money – and I love that for sure – but let's not forget how lucky we are to be in at the beginning of something that will change the world.

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