Crypto is stressful and a lot of hard work. It’s completely fine to be in it 100% for the money.

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Crypto is stressful and a lot of hard work. It’s completely fine to be in it 100% for the money.

Crypto is a great invention and it's not going away anywhere. Crypto to me is a life changing invention such as piped/tap water, electrical house power, automobile, smartphones and the internet. Crypto will change the course of mankind, sure, but it's still OK to be in it for the money of it all.

Crypto is stressful. You can just buy BTC and hold it until Kingdom comes like Michael Saylor, but if you are an avid reader of this sub, you are probably not it. You probably have some alts and you look for good opportunities.

I have to track my alts, see if no blackswan event is going on with any of them, track down FUD, FOMO, compare it with others coins to see if I'm not making much crappy choices, etc. It's not great being a crypto investor; it takes me 10x more time and effort than stocks ever did. I would never do it if it didn't pay so well.

After 12 years in stock I find that the Crypto market is nothing but a 10x leveraged stock market that never ever ever sleeps. For example, My UNI and my LTC bags are down -3% in the daily and I'm compeltely OK because it's a non event. Man had one stock of mine being down -3% in a daily, chances are something went very wrong with it.

If you are a Cardano lover, a ETH maxi or BTC maxi that think any one coin or the other will dominate the world, so you go 100% all in and support the tech etc., more power to you. I'm in it for the money, and if any one of them fail miserably, I couldn't care less. Just pick the next crypto and make gains all over again.

When it comes to coin picking, I feel like I am a complete idiot though.Man I can't pick a coin to save my fucking life.

I pick UNI over SUSHI because it seemed like a more solid bet with V3 coming out. UNI sideways and SUSHI is up 30%

I pick ETH over BTC because of altseason and great ETH fundamentals. BTC outperforms

I pick ATOM $18 over LUNA $6,50 because I liked the ecosystem and saw a lot of room for growth. ATOM is still 18$ 1 month later and LUNA is almost 3x.

March has been great for crypto. I swear to God everybody is 2x 3x 4x in a month and I'm up 10% feeling like an idiot.

But, anyways, In 12 YEARS of stock markets I did very good, 4x my initial investments. I did this with crypto in 3 months: even though my pick were a bit shit, in this spam of the last 3 months ETH, ADA and UNI did very very well and I 4x everything I put in.

If I get another 10x until the end of this bullrun I can actually retire (40x from initial invesment)! Sure, it's hard, but not impossible.

If I can get good stocks opportunities like GME, TSLA, ZOOM and NVDIA I will, but if not, I'll continue 100% crypto and 100% in it for the gains. There is no shame in that.

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