Don’t bother anymore : Use this template if you want to farm moons.

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Don’t bother anymore : Use this template if you want to farm moons.

Even if the memes were banned, I'm sorry but the quality of this sub didn't increase. Like many said : memes were just replaced by shitty personal stories that one can easily identify to.

So, to give a chance to everyone to get their faire share of moons, don't bother and use the following template.


Hi, my name is ______(Chose a fake name)________ .

I was always suffering from ____(Pick up something that people can relate to (alcoholism, anxiety etc.)___ and nothing could help me. Additionally, no one believed in me and ___(add something personal and dark that just happened, e.g. my wife left me)____ . But thanks to god, I discovered crypto and this subreddit (Mentioning this sub grants +23% upvotes). I know that I might be late in the game but ____(try to arouse a bit of pity/compassion from the reader)____ but overall, I'm a good boi. (Showing that you are a good person -> +12% upvotes). I know that my story might seems ____(go with the traditional 'I'm a standard guy and I don't know what's going on)* but I just wanted to ____(finally, finish with something humble stating you you are just here to share and you don't want anything)____.

*If well made, showing that you are a noob will awake the 'teaching desire' of the most experimented users of this sub. They are hard to reach but if you get them -> x3.2 Moons multiplier.


Key points :

-Never mention any crypto! NEVER! Everyone tries to shill his own bag. You don't want to start a war.

-Add a pinch of humor to contrast the dark side of your post. It will balance your story and will emphasize your 'good boi side'.

-Keep in mind that you need to target the broader audience possible. Good luck!

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