By Crypto Standards, the US Dollar is a Scam Coin.

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By Crypto Standards, the US Dollar is a Scam Coin.

Just about everything about it screams scam.

When you look up info about how to spot a scam coin, one of the things it tells you to look out for is…

Signs of a scam coin

  1. "Unknown Group of Entrepreneurs are Running it"

The Federal Reserve is run by a group of "Unknown Private Investors"

  1. Whois lookup on one of their websites comes back anonymous or unavailable.

WHOIS look up for UsMint .gov tells me "Information not available or no support for .gov"

  1. Shilling you to believe it's real by offering multiple periodic Airdrops.

We're on our 3rd Stimulus now?

  1. Confusing whitepaper thats overwritten, and difficult to understand

Anyone ever try to read, and understand Federal Reserve banking laws, or policies? Some things can be understood but usually it's written almost entirely in Dog Latin, and you're going to need a lawyer to interpret that just like you'll need a fraud lawyer with crypto experience to go over that whitepaper when you're going after that scam coin to get your money back. It's also INSANELY OVERWRITTEN. The USD white paper will literally take you months to go over and understand.

  1. GitHub Source has no supply limit set(Devs can Mint coins)

Ahhh…. Nah, those private investors I don't know wouldn't want to do that. Besides, that would devalue the dollar, and severely hurt their credibility.

Stop spreading conspiracies , and stop doing that weird Crypto thing! You're killing the environment! – non crypto users

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