St. Patrick’s Day is Uniswap Day for Gaming Startup, Lepricon

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St. Patrick’s Day is Uniswap Day for Gaming Startup, Lepricon

There is a new game in town, and it seems to have the luck of the Irish, especially as they will list their token on Uniswap on St. Patrick’s day.

Choosing such a lucky date to debut might explain why the team behind Lepricon, a blockchain-based gaming platform for prediction games, found themselves closing out their seed and private rounds in just a few short days, ending the process seven times oversubscribed,

“Once word started getting around about what we were doing and why we found ourselves inundated in instant messages and emails from potential investors,” recounts Stephen Browne, Co-Founder & COO. “We flew past our soft cap in under a week, and shortly after, we sold out. We just have the public sales to go, and we will hit our hard cap.”

The question is, why all the interest? There are two possible reasons.

First, Lepricon is not just another DeFi service aimed at the core crypto community. Their core business is games. As Founder & CEO Joshua Galloway explains, “We think gaming is the first killer app that will take blockchain mainstream.”

He continues, “Gamers understand in-game currencies and rare and unique game items. It’s easy to lead them from there to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Once they are playing games with our in-game currency, L3P, then we can introduce them to the Defi elements of the platform and show them how to swap and stake it.”

The second reason is far more human. The team behind Lepricon is experienced and makes a point of being anything but anonymous. If you add up the CEO, COO, and CMO ages, you get more than 130. They asked that we not be too precise! Galloway has over 20 years of experience in video games, from AAA studios to mobile and social casinos. Browne is a former barrister and has worked in the digital asset space for some years now. Phil Ingram, Chief Marketing Officer, who describes himself as a survivor of the original dot com boom, has 30 years of marketing and brand development experience.

Lepricon has also pulled together an impressive crew of experts to act as advisors. They include video games advisor Frank Yu, who oversaw the original Xbox launch in Asia; Jacky Lee, a project lead on the NFT early comer Cryptokitties; and Andrew Pearson, one of the world’s leading experts and published author in prediction markets.

So, what exactly is this highly experienced team doing?

As Galloway describes it, “Lepricon offers both sides of the coin. On the one hand, we offer a hypercasual and fun gaming experience on a mobile-first platform. On the other, our operating token, L3P, will offer core Defi elements with the ability to stake in the liquidity pools that keep the machine running.”

Galloway animates when talking about Lepricon’s plans to issue NFTs. “We want all of our community members [holders of L3P] to have the opportunity to collect NFTs. Some will have value as rarities in a set, some with in-game advantages, and the most powerful ones will give holders considerable advantages on our DeFi platform, such as highly reduced or zero swapping fees.” He adds, “Of course, all NFTs will be saleable on the open market so that you can earn your status, or you can buy it!”

What are the next steps for Lepricon once the token sales and Uniswap listing are complete?

“Our first game is a card prediction game called KQJ,” answers Galloway. “You win by correctly guessing the next card to be turned over, but as more people play, the pool contributes to a discount on the price of Bitcoin, Win three times in a row, and you can choose to buy that bitcoin at the locked-in discount.”

Lepricon plans to release a game every quarter after KQJ, which will launch at the end of March this year. In the pipeline is Bitpool, where players predict whether the price of Bitcoin will go up or down, and FansPredict, where players make predictions on real-world and esports events.

In addition to developing content for the gaming platform, Lepricon has been busy assembling a healthy cohort of strategic partners to deliver a venue suitable for a hyper-casual experience and provide utility and value to their operating token, L3P. RioDeFi is developing a Polkadot parachain that will enable over 3000 transactions per second with vastly reduced gas fees. “Players need to be able to jump into games, play, and cash out. Polkadot makes that possible,” explains Galloway.

Lepricon is also partnering with DeFi platform. MANTRA DAO, to provide a solution so that holders of L3P can stake their tokens immediately after the completion of listing on Uniswap. Browne offers, “It was always important to us that L3P provide utility from day one, even while we are building out our platform. Our partnership with MANTRA DAO means we can keep that promise.”

Galloway thinks that we are only just at the beginning of a new world order created by the intersection of the gaming and blockchain industries. He opines, “When a game’s currency is built on the blockchain rather than stored in a database, the power passes to the player because that is then their money.”

He adds, “the future is community-driven and player-owned gaming economies.”

Lepricon will offer its first public sale on MANTRA DAO’s ZENDIT platform on March 15th and Duck DAOs DuckSTARTER platform on March 17th. For more information, follow Lepricon’s Telegram channel