A moment please, if you are feeling blue or depressed on this evening

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A moment please, if you are feeling blue or depressed on this evening

One of the younger coworkers at our employ has begun bringing her daughter in with her so she can do school work and not be alone all day. Full disclosure, many employees do as a lot of them are single parents and childcare has sky rocketed in our part of New England. We have turned the break room into a sort of one room digital school house and it has actually been a delight to have them. I myself have continued to bring my geriatric cat and he spends his days 'supervising' and they call him Professor Mreowser. Honestly he is more of a distraction than a help at times but he let's the little ones hold him and in other moments, sits next to the older kids and accepts their petting as they listen to their lectures and read their lessons.

Anyhow, I apologize for the tangent but it will come around to a point, I promise. The other day, I myself was having a bit of a rough moment myself as I continue the never ending search of cutting corners and saving at every possible turn so I dont have to reduce hours or wages or make anything harder on them than it already has been. We are afloat, and have lost no one from our work family (very important on a personal level as I have no biological family to speak of, and have known many of them for years). I was sitting out back, feeling very despondent and just beaten, and damn near wishing that after all these years I could believe in a god because even that would be an improvement at this point.

Regardless, I thought I was having a solitary moment when one of the younger kiddos came out back because she wanted it to be her turn with Professor Mreowsers but one of the big ones didn't want to move him or move away from him until the end of their test because he was good luck. While she came begging for intervention, when she looked up from the ground and at me she immediately stopped talking and just stared at me for a few seconds.

I'm not great with kids, so I kinda just nodded at her and forced a smile. Her reaction was everything. She kinda shuffled and poked my knee and said sometimes my mom looks like that. When she does, we sing this song from the radio together and it helps. She said "bitches aren't shit and they dont say nothing. 100 mf'ers cannot tell me nothing. Its cause a bee's in the trap, the bee bees in the trap." She than nodded and left (yes, I had to ask her to repeat it a few minutes ago to record this accurately.

I dont know what the hell it means , but her tone and her tiny face staring at me and saying it with total conviction like it was an undisputed fact did make me smile and made my day better.

Hopefully this makes your day better too if you have had a rough hour or day or year.

I will promote now because I promised her when I had her repeat the words for me. We are in a coin named $SCAT. Professor Mreowser was a rescue over two decades ago, and that community donates every two weeks to a different shelter to help cats and kittens who still haven't found their home. No, it isn't some vague promise, the community has already begun doing it. If you could put a penny or a nickle into $SCAT and help us vote Nashua Humane Society (New Hampshire) to be the receiving shelter at this weekends vote, it would mean a lot. I'd like to be able to show them Monday that they made a difference for all the hurting cats in our city next Monday. If that isn't something financially feasible for you at this time, that's okay, and you will get through this and things will get better. If you join us this weekend to vote, please feel free to take back you nickel on Monday, and you have my genuine thanks for helping make the kids feel that they helped their city. If you want to leave your nickel and vote every other week with us, welcome, and please leave your local shelter, wherever it is in the world down below, and let me and the employees and their kiddos vote with you next time for your community.

Thank you for taking the time to read an old guys ramblings, and like I tell them at the end of every day; Have fun, be safe, and make good choices.

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