When every crash is a “dip” and every bounce is a “we have liftoff” — that’s how a frog gets boiled to death. 2017 Crumbs of Wisdom thread for Bull Runs.

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When every crash is a “dip” and every bounce is a “we have liftoff” — that’s how a frog gets boiled to death. 2017 Crumbs of Wisdom thread for Bull Runs.

Like many of you, I got burned by hodling too long through 2017/2018. "Hodl" is a stupid meme for newbs. I learned the hard way.

So called "fundamentals" ('solid team', 'awesome project', 'upcoming partnerships') don't reflect the price in a company that received its funding before it has ever proven anything (that's the primary difference between an ICO and an IPO). Where my REQ marines at?

When this bull run is actually over (and personally i don't believe that it is yet), you probably won't come to accept it until your portfolio is sitting at 50% of its ATH and your "stack" of crypto has become a "bag" you're stuck holding "until you reach XX number again–then you'll sell for sure."

Here's the reality: Once the bubble pops, every crash is going to seem like a "dip" and every "bounce" is going feel like a "this is gentlemen." That's how frogs get boiled to death.

Here are some principles you need to keep in mind if you want to walk away from this bull run with a fat stack of cash:

  1. Recognize and accept that you won't sell the exact top, and that–subsequently–your portfolio's "true value" is only what you sell it for–not what it's ATH was at one point.
  2. Pick a realistic sum (take your dream figure and subtract 50%) at which you're going to cash out a certain percentage–or all of it–and (here's the important part): STICK TO IT.
    1. This latter point is most crucial, because as the sum grows and actually hits that number you picked, you're going to be very tempted to leave it in "just a little longer". That's greed talking. If you ask Greed "how much is enough?" the answer is always "a little bit more." Have discipline in this and you'll win. Let greed take over and you'll lose. If you let greed govern your decisions in a bull market, then you'll let panic govern your decisions in a bear market.
  3. You can't predict the future–so don't judge your past self for knowledge you have today. "Why didn't i buy that coin?!?! it just mooned!" Or "Why didn't i sell before it crashed?!" You know what happened yesterday because it's today–you can't get mad at yourself for not possessing today's knowledge on the day before yesterday.
  4. My final and MOST IMPORTANT point:
    1. As I said before your portfolio is only worth what you actually sell it for. So do NOT focus on how much it was or how much it could have been — if you make this mistake you will be dissatisfied at turning $1000 into $100,000. If you've only got a $1,000 right now, you're probably thinking "of course i'd be happy with $100k!" — but when you get there you'll be holding out for 200/300/1 million. In your greed, you won't be satisfied with an enormous return–especially if you keep thinking about how you could have had $1,000,000 if you just "bought that dip" that no one saw coming or "held xyz coin" a little bit longer. Focus on what you have today–not what you might have tomorrow.

Crypto veterans what other wisdom do you want to add to this list?

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