The Greatest Guide on how to Sell Moons with HoneySwap and Bitmax to reduce Gas Fees.

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The Greatest Guide on how to Sell Moons with HoneySwap and Bitmax to reduce Gas Fees.

The Greatest Guide on how to Sell Moons with HoneySwap and Bitmax to reduce Gas Fees.

Hey guys, Seems like we need some quality content these days so guess it's time for another one of my big text posts.


As a heads up, swapping moons outside of Reddit carries risks – and is discouraged. However, I understand there are people willing to accept these risks who are looking for a way to purchase moons off the Honeyswap exchange, and hopefully this will help some of you out.



  • Moons in Vault
  • MetaMask
  • Use Honeyswap
  • Trading account at if you want. *Heads-up Bitmax require 24hours of new accounts before withdrawal !* No KYC Needed
  • Some Ethereum to pay Fees
  • Brain and Pulse

Install MetaMask

  1. First go to Metamask site and download the wallet addon:
  2. Install it, Set a password and save your seed at a safe place!
  3. click on Ethereum Mainnet and click on "Custom RPC"

  1. set up the XDai network with the details below

Get Ethereum on Rinkeby to pay fees

Get some Rinkeby eth from faucets. – You will need this eventually. It's for the rinkeby network, which moons are on, The second one worked for me.

Send moons to your MetaMask Wallet

  1. Follow this youtube Guide for sending your moons or continue reading
  2. Set up your Custom token to see moons in Rinkeby network By click on Add Token, Add custom token and writing the details below :
  • Moon Smart Contract Address: 0xDF82c9014F127243CE1305DFE54151647d74B27A
  • Token Symbol: MOON
  • Decimals: 18

  1. Go to your Vault and send your moons from your vault to your MetaMask Wallet, Send 1 moon firstto make sure you are doing it right!

Great now you should have some Ethereum and 1 Moon at least at your Rinkeby network.

Exchanging Moons to XMoons

  1. Go to the Bridge
  2. Exchange Moons to XMoons by Selecting the Network Rinkeby and exchanging it (Uses The fees you got from the Faucet Earlier, Wait till the bridge is done.

Great now you should have 1 xMoon at XDai network!

Swap xMoons to XDai Via HoneySwap

  1. Go to Honeyswap (select the right network ofc)
  2. and Exchange your XMoon to XDAI, This time you gonna need to pay REAL Ethereum Fees so make sure to send some Ethereum to your MetaMask Wallet to cover it.
  3. Take a look at the price and price impact before you exchange!

Great now you have XDai in your wallet, now you have two options:

  1. Use to Bridge between XDai to Dai, Send Dai to your wallet, Exchange or what ever you wanna do with it The Con is that you gonna need to pay more Ethereum Fees! the pro is that it's pretty fast and easy.
  2. The Longer and Cheaper way Via Bitmax that I will explain.

Exchange XDai to USDT via

  1. as it seems Bitmax offers a trading pair of XDAI/USDT We can use it to reduce GAS Fees.
  2. Open up a Account Wait 24 Hours so you can withdraw from it! NO KYC NEEDED!
  3. Send your XDai to Send 1 XDai first to see you are doing it right!
  4. Exchange your XDai to USDT and from here on you are free to do what ever you want with your USDT, Send it to your fav Exchange, Exchange it for some other coins , whatever!

To Buy Moons you can also Buy XDAI at or Dai and bridge them, Swap them on Honeyswap and send to reddit.

Easier Possibility but less Profitable to buy and sell moons is Kuyumcu, It's much easier to buy with if you have Nano or Banano BUT It's gonna cost you more .

currently 82 moons will give you 1 Nano via Kuyumcu

If you gonna sale 8200 Moons you will get 100 nano that is currently 541$

While 8200 moons according to CoinGecko is 619$

Many things can change but it seems unprofitable when you sell or buy large amounts of moons.

Hope that helped Some people to sell and Buy moons more easily with a Step By Step guide + Pictures.

I Wanna Thanks u/LargeSnorlax for his last guide that inspired me and helped me:

To Learn more about Moons feel free to take a look at my Great FAQ

Disclaimer I Don't take any responsibility for your actions :)

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