Smart Blockchain Investments With UGPay Group AG — Review on the Project and Its Opportunities

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Smart Blockchain Investments With UGPay Group AG — Review on the Project and Its Opportunities

The best moment to invest in a startup could be caught at the very beginning of its launch. Unfortunately, however, not all projects have what it takes to become a stable source of profit. To succeed a startup should differentiate itself with a unique idea, the effectiveness of technical solutions and their relevance in the market. All these factors are present in the project of a Swiss company UGPay Group AG. Let’s explore what differentiates the project and why it deserves attention.

What idea is behind UGPay Group AG

The team of UGPay Group AG is registered in Zug, Switzerland, an area known for its positive stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. The company shares the idea of the New Economic Evolution Of The World (NEEW) that assumes that investments should be an easy and clear instrument for everyone to be able to improve the financial situation.

To achieve this goal, the project developers presented an investment scheme that combined the best of two worlds – the worlds of digital and traditional financial instruments. The approach is based on the following principles:

  • Risk diversification. The UGPay Group AG team offers users to become co-owner of a global investment portfolio that includes assets of more than 20 business sectors, including IT-projects, manufacturing and financial industries.
  • Investment process simplification. The UGPay Group AG users do not need to seek projects for investing on their own. To simplify the process, the developers tokenized the investment portfolio. By buying tokens of the project, a user becomes a co-owner of the portfolio and starts to make profits. The transparency of all UGPay Group AG operations is guaranteed by its blockchain. One of the key advantages of blockchain technology is that it is impossible to change transactions in the ledger. An information integrity guarantee provides transparency in the communication between the company and its investors.
  • Investment expansion. The stock market is full of limitations. For example, some assets are simply not available for non-professional investors. Another problem is the high entry barrier. Investment in some assets requires substantial initial capital. The investment scheme by the UGPay Group AG allows investors to pass these barriers. The assets are bought by the company representatives that are professional investors, while users get access to instruments via the tokenization of the investment portfolio.

Interesting fact! Investments in the UGPay Group AG portfolio, which has an assessment of over $1 billion, according to the project whitepaper, starts with $10.

Amid the 2020 coronavirus crisis, the company’s offer of simplified investing is especially appealing.

How to invest in the UGPay Group AG

To become a co-owner of the company’s investment portfolio, it is enough to buy internal security tokens of the project – WCRU. The total emission is 80 million coins. WCRU, the starting price of which is $0.35, is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC.

The UGPay Group AG needs security tokens to launch the Security Token Offerings (STO) – a type of public offering of tokens, digital securities. Raised funds will be a foundation for the company’s investment portfolio.

As of March 2021, tokens of the UGPay Group AG are available for purchase at the personal account at the project’s platform. In the near future, developers plan listing of the digital assets in the popular exchanges.

Important! Upon listing, the token prices of the promising projects often take a direction for growth. The fact that the UGPay Group AG is registered with SEC suggests the lack of barriers with WCRU listing on major exchanges. This, the investment made today into the project’s cryptocurrency might bring profits in the near future.

In total, the UGPay Group AG investors will get four types of income:

  1. Staking. Investors get profit from placing the project’s tokens WCRU on the crypto wallet. The rewards are distributed in the company’s utility tokens, UNTB, the emission of which will be 8 123 456 789. The UNTB holders get access to the network resources, like the RAM memory, CPU computing power and NET speed.
  2. Loyalty program bonus.  5% of a total token sale will be distributed to the WCRU holders to their crypto wallets in the stablecoin USDU. This type of reward is only available until October 2021.
  3. Profi bonus. To distribute these rewards, the UGPay Group AG developed a stablecoin, USDU, the value of which is pegged to the US dollar. The funds for the USDC provision are stored in a Swiss bank as a custodian.
  4. Company’s shares price increase. The positive dynamics depends on the behavior of the parts of the UGPay Group AG  portfolio and of the project’s cryptocurrency.

Interesting information! The UGPay Group AG team went beyond offering simplified investment instruments. According to the project’s representations, successful investments are not possible without proactive education. Thus, the project’s experts regularly publish educational materials on the platform that are aimed at raising the level of financial literacy among users.


The UGPay Group AG team offers a simplified way of investing, by using which users can get profits on the basis of a professional investment portfolio.

As of the beginning of March 2021, the company is getting ready to launch a crypto wallet on its blockchain for the WCRU holders to get their profits. The investment at such an early stage to the promising project with opportunities for growth might bring substantial profits in the near future.