New and Upcoming DEX $EYE – Saving up to 65% on gas fees

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New and Upcoming DEX $EYE – Saving up to 65% on gas fees

There's been a couple posts about this in the past, Behodler DEX $EYE. Just wanted to share again in case some people missed it – some people are turned off because they think it's already pumped. But realize this is a unique essentially community-funded project (community has provided all the liquidity) that started with a market cap around 20k. So growth has been huge so far but it only has a current market cap of $9M.

You can compare this to other DEXs like 1inch at $603M.

To keep this simple, what makes $EYE unique? It's Level 1 Ethereum-based DEX with reduced gas fees compared to other DEXs like Uniswap – up to 65% reduction. This has been tested a lot and you can find comparisons and screenshots. You can read more here on the roadmap, how the unique liquidity mechanism allows for cheaper gas fees and up to 5x cheaper pool fees, single-sided pooling so you don't have to do an Eth pair to pool for example, and now available in V2 are free flash loans and other innovations.

Currently the DEX is demonstrated proof of concept and will become fully operational after the liquidity pooling event. The timing and details of the event are rumored to be end of March. More coins are on the roadmap soon as well. There have been some excellent AMAs recently with the developer and admins, such as this one and 2nd AMA here

Frequently asked question: won't Optimism on Uniswap make such solutions irrelevant in the future? Answer: Actually, Optimism is a layer 2 solution which still breaks atomic composability for dApps and other uses – you still have to pay gas fees to go through layer 1 to put coins on and remove coins. Behodler is a Layer 1 solution and gas fees savings are only one aspect of the tech it offers. There's 5x fee savings on pooling as well.

  • For more info: search EYE on coingecko, there's links to the DEX, telegram and discord

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