Is it worth trading ETH on margin with Kraken?

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Is it worth trading ETH on margin with Kraken?

Hi All,

I'm a crypto noob who is looking to start investing some money in crypto, I've noted a few down but I am very impressed with Eth out of all of the crypto, I have noticed that kraken offers margin on it and I am not sure if it's worth it or not especially with the random dips and volatility of crypto from time to time. If I put in 750 pounds in eth (around 1000 dollars) is it worth it to get like 2x-3x margin on it or just put in the money? I will be very likely be holding it for a looong time and I will be putting in 100-150 each month as well and I am not too sure how margin would work if I just hold it for a long time.

Sorry if it's a stupid question I am a bit of an investing noob so just learning everything I can right now.

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