So after my brief experience, i’ve realized that day trading really SUCKS

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So after my brief experience, i’ve realized that day trading really SUCKS

Pretty much like the title says, of course i want to specify that this is based entirely on my experience and therefore subjective. Here's why:

-First of all, you usually take a very little amount of time to make your decisions. Needless to say that this brings to reeeeally bad ones;

-It doesn't feel like a wise investment for your future anymore, but more like gambling;

-It really hurts to see cryptos you once owned (and sold for minimal profits) literally skyrocket and "go to the moon";

And last but not least:

-It also feels like a job, a very bad one for your mental health: prices and charts are literally stuck in your head and you constantly feel the urge to check them. It's the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before going to bed. Probably the worst out of them all;

So to conclude: i feel like crypto should be more of a plan B, something where you put the money YOU DON'T NEED and hope them to grow, maybe helping you to achieve a better future someday. But this should work as a background process, not something you constantly need to check and you have constantly stuck in your head, and therefore day trading feels BAAAAAD man (my opinion of course).

Let me know what you guys think.

TL;DR: day trading feels like a job, an addiction and a gamble all in once, and is BAAAAAAAAAD.

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