NFT’s and Earth’s resources

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NFT’s and Earth’s resources

I'm trying to understand NFT's a bit more, and it currently puts a huge strain on Earth's resources. Please help me with this: With Climate change being such a concern, do we have the resources to use NFT's efficiently?

Non-Fungible-Tokens or "NFT's" — with limited understanding of this domain, my upfront thought is that it poses several challenges for the entertainment industry: 1) Legal correctness, 2) Heavy on natural resources for compute power, 3) Property is only within the domain of that specific blockchain both physical and digital.

As I am trying to understand this a little better I found this paper: It seems time, energy, and collaboration is what's obviously needed to bridge this knowledge gap and to figure out how to wield blockchain efficiently without draining Earth's resources — I truly believe that this is going to be a gamechanger for the entertainment industry but more importantly, in an egalitarian way, help developing cities (NFT claiming ownership held within a blockchain), but I question the demand it puts on our natural resources for compute power as both r&d and automation wars will be sucking up most of the activities to bridge this knowledge gap.

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