Moonfarming is INSANE

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Moonfarming is INSANE

In the last days we have seen a MASSIVE influx of low effort low quality content in the sub. We went from memes to per personal nonsense stories about how:

"im from brazil and crypto saved my life bc my 30usd are now 35"

"my mom doesnt understand crypto but she said she supports me bc i am obssesed and she loves me"

"venezuela bad, crypto good"

"crypto saved my life bc i now buy btc instead of drugs"

and the countless BLAND, LAZY responses of the ppl here saying "hey there you go" "you are strong and wonderful" "keep on champ!" and what not

I feel Im living in the minimum power my-man Rick and Morty simulation and all for what? To get 10usd in moons? are you guys fucking insane?? are you so desperate?


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