BAT from the perspective of a website owner (Brave Creators)

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BAT from the perspective of a website owner (Brave Creators)

A lot of people will see BAT only from the perspective of a user, so I wanted to share my experience so far from the perspective of a website owner who's income is based around ads.

Initial Discovery – A Good Experience

Verifying my site was a fast and standard experience as far as these things go. I then got to see that I had a balance of about 32 BAT already. Not a ton, but what that immediately did is tell me that there's at least SOMETHING here.

If you have a decently trafficked website, you'll get worthless emails by the dozen. So I think seeing some BAT waiting was really important. 'OK, lets continue down this road and see where it leads'

Wallet Linking and Being Paid – Meh

Currently, the time delay for just about every action you do seems crazy. There's at least a day or two delay for the verification to show up, for the wallet verification to show up, your banner to update (still hasn't happened), and the Brave Browser seems to like switching between having me fully verified, and saying I'm unable to accept tips.

The above issues made me wonder whether I actually would get my BAT. But I did. Payments were 'processing' for about a week.

BAT Earnings Once Setup – Surprisingly Good

So how long would it take me to earn another 32 BAT? About 3 days. For website owners that get to this point, this was the best surprise so far.

My websites are supported by ads. I use your standard Google ads. I've always previously wrote off Brave users as people that would earn me nothing. To earn something? That's actually pretty great. I did turn on the 'Allow Brave to show ads on my site' option within Brave Creators.

Initially I wasn't sure what I thought about ad monetization being done at the browser level instead of me controlling everything at a site level (I know I can turn ads on/off). Thinking about it more, that's the most exciting part about BAT from a website owner's perspective. It's the best implementation of this paradigm shift so far, and I'm happy to be part of this journey and see where it goes.

A few details about my site for perspective

  • 200k users/day spread out all over the world
  • niche is in the wallpaper space. So subscription rates are low. The whole game is have content people are searching for; they find it, grab it, and then 99% go on their way.

tldr; Creators program seems to have lots of growing pains but is actually earning consistent BAT. I see lots of potential as the program continues and matures.

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