AnRKey X Takes NFT Platform Rarible By Storm

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AnRKey X Takes NFT Platform Rarible By Storm

In the past few days, NFT marketplace Rarible has seen a new number one. The top sellers’ list is dominated by DeFi gaming platform AnRKey X, which has comprehensively taken over the NFT leaderboard with no celebrity attached as well. AnRKey X achieved a sales volume of over double its closest NFT selling competitor and is planning even more NFTs (non-fungible tokens) due to go on sale in the next few days. Notably, they oversold presale with $450,000 of orders. With cryptocurrency-powered digital art on track for another record month, AnRKey X is enjoying its time to shine.

GenSys.X Launch Breaks Records

AnRKey X provides a way for gamers to purchase, play, stake, compete, and win valuable NFTs and rewards. On March 3, AnRkey X dropped its GenSys.X NFT collection. In just an hour, GenSys.X pushed the project to the number one spot on Such was the level of demand that the site crashed while only 35% of the way through processing pre-sale bids.

The popularity of the GenSys.X drop continued through the day, with NFTs selling out at an incredible pace. By the end of the day, AnRKey X had sold over 120 ETH worth of NFTs (almost $200k); in contrast, the next bestseller achieved less than half that. AnRKey X was immediately sitting in “hot collections” on Raribles (and still is) with 3 of their NFTs out of the set entering the “Hot Bids” section for secondary market trading within minutes of being sold. Secondary market sales hit up to $47,000 per NFT, a 13,602% increase from the original $343 per NFT price.

The demand for NFTs attests to AnRKey X’s vision of serving DeFi, NFTs, and esports via a virtual arcade with $ANRX as the native arcade coin (token). It’s designed to work in a similar way to tokens found in a physical arcade: the more playing, competing, buying, and selling conducted, the more money is available to earn through AnRKey X’s unique gaming system that has over 11,500 registered signups already before mainnet later this month. By using this service, users are enticed to play more and more, while earning.

Over the last seven days, AnRKey X ranked second worldwide on for the sales volume of its non-fungible token. The project has also claimed a solid position in the top 10 over the last 30 days above celebrity billionaire Mark Cuban, an achievement not to be underestimated in a record-breaking month where nearly $100 million of digital NFTs changed hands.

Powering the Future of Esports

Robust demand for NFTs from AnRKey X suggests that DeFi gaming has a long way to run and that public demand for on-chain games has yet to be sated.

Popularized as a way to create, transfer and purchase digital art, non-fungible tokens have seen exponential growth over the last year. They’ve gone from under $100,000 per month of NFT volume in 2019 to over $90 million in February 2021 alone. With NFTs forecast for another month of incredible growth,  AnRKey X looks well-placed to take advantage of this emerging industry and all the opportunities it can bring.