A Complete List Of All The Basic Useful Essentials About Cryptocurrency

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A Complete List Of All The Basic Useful Essentials About Cryptocurrency

Hello fellow frienditors.

This List Will Contain Some Of The Basics Fundamentals From Whole Subreddit.

From what I’ve read and seen here during my actuation, I’ve managed to dig deeper into the waters of this subreddit, so I can highlight you the most efficient and basic ones. I decided to make a decent comprehensive list about the most asked and frequently asked questions in this subreddit. I suggest you to use this list as a “brain in your pocket”. You can save this list and come back to it whenever you need to.

I’ve managed to dig deeper into deep waters to collect as many helpful resources and threads as was possible that were posted here and got a decent positive responses, so you don’t have to waste your time finding them. I’ve collected a decent amount of all the frequently asked things in hundreds of posts but I will try to keep it simple and share here only ( in my opinion ) the most efficient ones.

Bear in mind, that these topics can be outdated already and can vary in some aspects. It’s not sure that they are 100% accurate at present, but I will try to pick the best pieces.

At the end of every topic, after my short introduction to these essentials in this thread, there will be very decent, helpful, informational, deeper links to posts that are describing the talking threads in depth.


If you’re here, you probably should already know what is cryptocurrency. If not, then here is the short simple answer: Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to buy services or goods. It can be used as a store of value. Cryptocurrencies are using strong ledger which is securing online transactions. This makes it literally nearly impossible, impenetrable to counterfeit. There are currently over 8.700~ cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap.

  1. For the newcomers: the top 50 Cryptocurrencies, each explained with one sentence.u/Layneeeee

  2. Top 101 Coins Grouped by Usage/Purposeu/CrabCommander

  3. Top 25 cryptocurrencies – 3 Pros, 3 Consu/pippius

  4. Some interesting facts about the top 15 cryptocurrenciesu/LivingThings37

  5. The ultimate guide to earning passive income with cryptocurrenciesu/Weaver96

DYOR – Do Your Own Research

DYOR. Yep, you probably saw this acronym many times in this subreddit. In short, “DYOR” (not Christian) means that you should never, never and never trust an any other company, people, project team or anyone else without proper verifying of the information that they provided for you. Always compare their suggests to your OWN RESEARCHES.

Nobody will tell you truly, how to get rich. They want to make rich off you !

  1. Beginners guide to researching crypto projectsu/cryptogrowth

  2. How to Find Assets BEFORE They Are Popularu/BTC2018

  3. A Guide On How To DYOR “Do Your Own Research” In An Effective Manneru/GoldenRain99

  4. To all the new folks getting into crypto: Do not, I repeat, do not buy on Robin Hood.u/wolfmangpuck

  5. I created a tool to better understand market cap potential of alt coins, because I needed it myself for my research. Published it as a website for anyone to use. No ads, no BS.u/lovinglyhandmade

  6. A break down of the bull case for Ethereum and how it relates to Bitcoinu/TheWierdGuy

    1. Beginners Guide to DYOR (Do Your Own Researchu/Weaver96 ###WALLETS

A wallet is a important thing to own when you’re working with cryptocurrencies. A crypto wallet can be device, program or a service which is storing your keys or seed. These keys or seeds are being used to verify yours transactions in order to prevent someone else from using your cryptocurrencies. You can store in them your cryptocurrencies pretty much totally safely, or even your FIAT.

  1. A Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Walletsu/Weaver96

  2. Things you NEED to do when you first receive your hardware walletu/plokij24

  3. Ultimate Staking Guide 2021: Overview of Best Crypto-Projects to Stake with PoS and DPoS “Profitability, User Experience, Low-Risku/icysx

  4. CryptoWallets – Which one should you useu/good-as-helix


Our dear sweet MOONs. MOONs has been created as this /cc subreddit points and they can be used for exchange to FIAT or any other cryptocurrencies, buying Reddit premiums or even for tipping someone ! It can pay your bills too! Reddit moons have paid for my bills two months in a row by u/AvidasOfficial . Or even they can pay your debt ! I sold my 78k moons to pay off my debt! by u/Wulkingdead . MOONs are practically community points what all of us can use, earn on this subreddit. You can buy them too!

  1. The Great FAQ about Moons, Community Polls, Governance and moreu/DivineEu

  2. Reddit MOON info for newcomersu/nanooverbtc

  3. Why MOONs are mooning, plus some resourcesu/Larkinz

  4. Question about MOONS? Did i missed the party?u/birolata


Simply, Exchanges are Platforms. Platforms that we’re using every day to trade our cryptocurrencies for other assets, including either FIAT or digital currencies. They act as intermediary between the seller and the buyer. For this job, we’re paying them the transaction fees or commissions.

  1. Robinhood blocked several stocks from being bought. They locked the buy button when it suited them. Don’t buy Bitcoin on RobinHood. The dust has settled, but we rememberu/jackvilles

  2. A beginners guide to limit orders, stop orders and stop limit ordersu/pseudoHappyHippy

  3. Be careful not to deposit your crypto into any exchange before seeing their KYC terms or else they may Freeze your withdrawal with excusesu/chilledmyspine

  4. How and why exchanges are manipulating the price in order to capitalize on the new market dynamicsu/arsonbunny

  5. A beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchangesu/Weaver96

Dollar Cost Average (DCA)

It is an investment strategy/technique in which an investor is spreading his crypto, stock or fund purchases. It’s a strategy where you’re buying at regular intervals ( weekly, monthly, every other week etc. ) with a roughly similar equal amounts of money. It aims to reduce the volatility and minimize risk.

  1. Stop trying the market, DCA FTWu/Nexul1

  2. “Buy The Dip” Isn’t Often What It Seems – Why Dollar Cost Averaging Can Be A Smarter Choiceu/calvintheidiot

  3. Dollar Cost Average “DCA” spreadsheet to help with research, “mostly for newbies”u/FrontHandNerd

  4. If you’re young, then you should hodl, not tradeu/walkinthepark01

  5. Its not too expensive, and you’re not too lateu/Weaver96

  6. DCA – What is "Dollar Cost Averaging"? Why You Should DCA, What is my DCA strategy..u/DivineEu


  1. A collection off all the possible ways to earn free Cryptou/Layneeeee

  2. I will tell you exactly what is going on here, this is critical information to understand if you’re going to make money in this space. How prices work, and what moves them – and it’s not money invested/withdrawnu/Suuperdad ( 3 yrs old thread but still relevant )

  3. 20% dip? Looks pretty normal to meu/bose25

  4. How a became a millionaire using crypto technical analysis and here is a guideu/steavus

  5. Sell walls: What they are, what they do and how to spot themu/Tilted_Till_Tuesday

  6. Most used abbreviations in the cryptospace “newbie guide”u/Jeremykla

I would like to ask you kindly to suggest some more USEFUL threads or links in the comment section below.


This Comprehensive List Of All The Basic Useful Threads should only be used for an educational purposes ONLY. I am not forcing anyone to listen, read and use these posts for your present and future investments. In my opinion we should learn from them. Otherwise, use this list as a white paper/ starting point on your journey, not as your “get rich quick scheme” or “business plan”.

I am not a financial advisor. I am not taking any responsibility for the things that were showcased.

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