Want to see how early we are? Read this.

Cryptocurrency News and Public Mining Pools

Want to see how early we are? Read this.

How many of your friends/coworkers/family/acquaintances own crypto? less than 10 people? Out of how many people you know, hundreds??

How many of you have bought or traded for anything in REAL life with your crypto? not cashing out but actually spending your crypto? Im guessing almost noone.

How many companies out there are advertising they are accepting crypto? Less than 1%?

Of people that have any sort of investments, stocks, retirements, etc, what percentage of THOSE people do you think own crypto? MAYBE 3-4%, and thats generous.

Outside of random little interesting eye catching headlines about NFT's or cryptokitties or just bitcoin prices how often do you see crypto in mainstream media? Almost never?

Even when you watch all the financial guru youtubers like Graham Stephan, MeetKevin, or heck even a guy like Ben Shapiro trying to explain bitcoin or blockchain or smart contracts, you can tell they BARELY know what they are talking about, and for the most part know as much as a lot of the noobs here.

The point is, by almost every metric, crypto is still only adopted by a very very small percentage of the population. Yes, more people have HEARD about it, but hearing about it does not = already invested.

So even if you feel like a "noob" now, or you might be "late", you couldn't be more wrong.

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