Something is cooking…

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Something is cooking…

So did some digging and I found few interesting things. Please fact check me on the following..dont want to mislead anyone.

  1. As confirmed by u/Funkoma application for Kraken has been submitted and a guide on Kraken has been posted about RVN.
  2. I also know the application for Coinbase has been submitted. It is rumored that CB will list RVN after their massive 100B direct listing on Nasdaq. Also there is an easter egg someone found of a Google ad for coinbase (
  3. I follow "fishthewhales" and they just give alerts when whales move. On Feb 7th, 2021…1-2 days before the insane 10X bull run, they posted this They just posted 10 hours ago of this post:

Something seems to be def cooking.

what are your thoughts?

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