I no longer hide my crypto purchases from my wife!

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I no longer hide my crypto purchases from my wife!

Up until last week I hide almost all of my crypto purchases from my wife. It started innocently enough…I had some big plans of surprising my family with a dream vacation with the earning off my coins. We live a very strict life and putting the money into crypto means we don't have extra for little things like takeout or new video games. I am the only one employed in my household and I control the budget so she never even knew this money existed.

I posted here asking if anyone else was saving up to surprise family like me and it helped me realize keeping this money secret was a very bad call. Lots more benefit to keeping her in the loop. What originally held me back was that I was worried she wouldn't be supportive of the gamble as she unfortunately has had a lot of negative opinions of crypto around her due to people she know who lost money selling low.

I still wanted to surprise my family with something so I pulled out a bit of gains and grabbed a Nintendo Switch to bring home to start off the conversation with a bang! It didn't go that well at first tbh. I surprised them with the switch and right away my wife was giving me some eyeballs. Just like a bandaid I just blurted it out that I've been putting money in crypto and it's been working out well. I explained that I got this off gains and my original investment still going strong. It was met with a bit of a freak out considering our situation and the sum. Fears of losing it all and what we could use it for today came up.. but overall she understands what I am doing and is actually very excited.

I told her I wanted to plan a big trip with her and I wish I could share her smile with you all. Weve haven't been on a trip together in our 10 years together and this is very exciting for us. We've been planning our trip pretty much since and it's alowed many more conversations about my crypto and how exciting things are looking potentially. She even wants to accept crypto for her etsy shop and private sewing work! I'm so excited for this!!! Big things are happening!!!

Thanks to this sub for helping me come to my sense lol

OP where I realize I'm an idiot: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/lvkdwq/i_hide_all_my_crypto_purchases_from_my_wife/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

TL:DR- Hid my crypto from my wife expecting her to be mad and now after spilling the beans she thinks I'm a genius lol. We're going on a trip somewhere hot ASAP!

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