Do not be afraid to upvote!

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Do not be afraid to upvote!

Ever since the introduction of moons and people finding out that they are actually worth something I feel that up voting has gone down hill. Almost as if people think they are donating out of thier own pocket.

Less upvotes means less visibility. This sub has thousands of active users per day and I see a lot of quality posts that have only a couple hundred upvotes. I still see plenty with 1000+ but it seems they have become far in between.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it has nothing to do with moons. Moons are supposed to be a positive thing in this community. Anything I have seen that is mildly on topic, funny, interesting, too quality or even just a great shit post. I have been giving them out like Oprah.

I think that people forget what upvotes are actually supposed to be used for. They are not a popularity contest of what you like or agree with. Its about weather or not it contributes to the conversation.

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