Coti – extremely shady, misleading and lying to investors, but price is mooning – what gives ?

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Coti – extremely shady, misleading and lying to investors, but price is mooning – what gives ?

Hi CC,

Just wanted to bring to your attention a project called Coti which has been lying and misleading investors from the start.

A friend of mine shilled me this token about a month ago and I looked into it and found a lot of inconsistencies in their marketing, misleading statements etc.

For example: The Coti team had created this graphic showing Coti vs other Coins. They claimed that they have a decentralized consensus mechanism whilst other coins didn't. They claimed to be faster than other coins as well. Upon asking them for proof of tx speed in their TG group, i was banned immediately.

Secondly, they claim to be able to offer "chargebacks" by way of a decentralized jury that can make decisions on buyer vs merchant issues. When I emailed the team about how to become one of these jurors, they claimed that Jury Selection was done by the Coti Team, to which I responded "so how is that decentralized?", and never got a response.

Thirdly, they claim to have "zero-to-low fees", but upon speaking to a Coti node operator, I learned that nodes are able to set any fees they like on transactions. So how does that make it a zero-to-low fee system?

Too many thing's do not add up at all, and upon calling out the Coti Team on Twitter – they do not respond. The CEO – does not respond. Telegram group banned me for asking questions.

Fourthly, they claimed that they "Integrated with Apple", whereas in reality, Simplex (a platform that supports 100s of cryptocurrencies including Coti – integrated with Apple). Yet there are hundreds of paid marketers on Reddit and Twitter saying that Coti and Apple have partnered up.

Guys just beware with this Coin – too many lies and misleading statements – I guess this is all of crypto though. However they are now in the top 150 coins, all by way of lying and misleading investors.

edit – just saw that you can't even post to their subreddit as it's "submissions restricted" /r/cotinetwork/

edit2 the paid Coti marketers/shills have arrived downvoting this and every one of my replies to oblivion. this post was almost at 100 upvotes and suddenly at 60. major brigading happening from new accounts

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