Recovered old Bitcoin wallet!

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Recovered old Bitcoin wallet!

So this morning I finally managed to recover a seed to an old wallet I had been mining into in like 2013/14 I didn’t think there was very much in it maybe a few hundred quid! Open it up and boom 0.48 btc I’m so fucking happy it’s unreal I kept some in there for the future (0.1) and cashed the rest out I’ve got 5 brothers and 2 sisters plus my mum and dad so I’m gonna spilt it with them £1000 each! I’m so pumped right now it’s unreal 🖕🎭😳🤦‍♀️😃😞🎭🤦‍♀️💩©😄🍪😀☝️☝️💩👍👍😂 whooooahhhh get in xD

I used undelete 360 which is free so if anyone has tons of old hardware lying round their house (which I’m sure a lot of you do) give it a go!

I know we aren’t supposed to keep private keys on hdd but I’m so glad I did!!! I had renamed a txt file to dat to try and keep it secure and just saved it as key – idk if that was a good security measure and I’m sure people can tell me why it’s not but yeah it kept it safe just long enough to really help out my family during this bloody Covid crap!

Hope others have some luck too!

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