Moons will eventually create an echo chamber

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Moons will eventually create an echo chamber

As the title says, I really believe moons are inevitably going to create a huge echo chamber where people are going to be scared of saying something just in case it gets downvoted.

Why risk actual money just to say to someone that nano isn't everything this sub says it is, to protect someone investing, if it actually costs money. Or telling someone that investing in BNB/ADA/Doge doesn't actually make you an idiot and that sometimes it's smart to buy hype if you catch it on the up.

If it carries on we're all going to be all in a large echo chamber where new people will get hurt as it doesn't reflect the real world, which is dangerous.

Anyways I lost my moons probably already so thought I could share this controversial opinion knowing I can't lose anymore. But it does worry me about the future of the sub. I enjoy moons and think the concept is amazing, maybe don't let it get effected by downvotes though? Surely any interaction is good interaction.

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