How I went from living out of a tent to making over 30k

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How I went from living out of a tent to making over 30k

First of all, I’d like to say that recovery is possible. It just takes serious dedication, support, and a lot of time. Also, it’s never too late to start learning how to invest. I started out broke and just kept adding money when I had extra to invest. Not financial advice.

I went from being a pretty normal kid in high school, smoking weed, decent grades whatever, to a complete failure after I got addicted to opiates. Kicked out of school, kicked out of home, friends cut contact , all the good stuff. It took me 7 years of being completely depressed and hopelessly addicted before I was finally tired enough to make a change. I knew I would either die or go to jail for a long time. So finally I decided to get serious about getting clean. I had tried many times before this, multiple trips to inpatient rehabs, a few to jail.

A friend of mine had an aunt that used to be an addict, she had used the methadone program to get clean. I always thought “yeah okay whatever” and brushed it off. Until I had tried everything else and I was so hopeless and tired of the lifestyle I was living. Eventually I got myself into the program. Going to the clinic daily to get my medication, it took a while to get used to, but eventually I was at a stable dose, I felt normal and could function through the day without worrying about using other drugs. Now, I do understand that it’s trading one drug for another, but this comes with nurses, groups, councilors and all the accountability. A whole support system. Stability. Something I’ve always lacked. I got stable, got a job, even got a girlfriend and ended up moving into my first apartment with her. These were all contributing factors in keeping me clean, it wasn’t just one thing.

Eventually we broke it off, and I got a puppy to keep me sane because now the pandemic had started.

Start of the pandemic, lose my job, get on unemployment, start saving as much as possible. Around this time is when I start learning about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. I start DCAing into BTC, ETH, and after doing some reading, ADA. Continue stacking. Get stimulus checks from the government, pay off debts, then buy more ADA. Eventually I started moving from ETH more into ADA, Then same with BTC until I was at a 80/20 ADA/BTC portfolio . I ended up spending about 5K over the course of 6ish months. Then I just waited for ADA to pick up steam as I figured it would eventually, even though I did not think it would be so soon to be honest. Now I’ve got more money saved up than I’ve ever had before . Will continue to HODL to the moon as this is only the start of a long journey into the new exciting world of cryptocurrency! Thanks for reading, I apologize for the long post.

Don’t forget, Only invest what you can afford to lose. Me being able to invest this much was only because I had enough saved up and didn’t have any real bills to pay. Not financial advice. Just sharing a personal struggle .

EDIT: I still smoke weed. Will always smoke weed just FYI when I say recovery I’m only talking about harder drugs. As I know people will check my page, I started growing as a hobby this year also. Help save some money for crypto 😜

Also I apologize if a post like this isn’t allowed, I just want to show some of the newbies that it’s possible to come up off just adding a little at a time, as well as struggling addicts to know recovery is possible

2nd EDIT: Thank you guys so much for all your positive comments and support. I was really nervous about posting my story so I really really appreciate that. I know some people would say I’m still not clean, and I agree to an extent. The main thing is now I have structure in my life. It’s not all addicts and chaos everyday now.

TLDR: Bought ADA a year ago, helped change addiction from drugs to crypto

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