Help me understand the asset explorer

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Help me understand the asset explorer

New(ish) investor (and miner) in ravencoin. I have read the white paper and understand most of what the coin aims to do. A big part of that is creating assets, which in turn burns (500?) raven to do so.

When using the asset explorer here on reddit, I guess I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. I see many with a quantity of "1" (silly things like creating an asset for #JustinSun and other things like that). Then I see some that are creating what looks to be 21 million assets. If I'm correct, does that mean whomever created an asset for #JustinSun had to burn 500 raven to do so? But that would mean the person creating 21 million assets would be burning 21M x 500? That doesn't seem right…

Can any give me a quick crash course on how to understand the asset explorer?

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