Crypto advice for our new embracers

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Crypto advice for our new embracers

Following the recent upshot in adoption, I've been wanting to say the following for quite some time.

  1. Welcome. I sincerely mean that. Welcome. You are just as much part of this movement as the people who have been in it for years. Do not allow them to bully believing anything else with sentiments like, "lol, noobs don't know XYZ". You will get toxic people in all spaces and unfortunately, we have our fair share of 'em. Ignore them! There are plenty of us who are always willing to listen and help with any question, no matter who "silly or noob-esque you think it is…ASK!
  2. If all you can afford is $10, then invest $10. You are a part of the growing family. Yes, just as much as the guy who has invested $50,000. You are seen, you are part of the movement and you are needed.
  3. It can be a daunting space and believe me, there are times when even some of us who have been in this space for a while are like, "what in the world!" It's okay to feel intimidated by a space that has not yet fully settled or even grown to its full potential just yet. When you feel intimidated, stop reading posts and stop looking at the exchanges. Your mind has been overwhelmed with too much data; don't burden it with more.
  4. This leads me to my fourth piece of advice. Once you decide to pull the trigger and you purchase some crypto, don't immediately check the price to see whether it's gone up or down. The transaction is done. Step away. Your mind will thank you.
  5. The majority of YouTubers that I've come across are sadly out there shilling (trying to get you to buy) a coin that they've already invested in. So when they tell you, such and such a coin has 50x potential, get in before it's too late, what they're actually telling you is, "I've purchased a tonne load of this coin. Go buy it too so it goes up in price and I can sell for a pretty profit.
  6. To avoid falling for advice number 5, DYOR (Do Your Own Research), because when you do, no amount of shilling can work on you. You'll actually find yourself remaining calm through the turbulence, even during the dips.
  7. Understand the technology behind the coins you're interested in. Once you do, you'll realise it's not a one coming to rule them all space – it never way. Yes, that goes for coins that at first glance, seem to be competing against one another. I believe there are real-world implementations for both ETH and ADA for example. You don't need to join the cult of only defending your own investments, whilst pooping on everything else in the space. The more legit coins we have, the better. Competition is healthy and it will result in a better future for the tech. Tribalism is cancer that NEEDS to be removed.

Sorry for ranting, I've just been somewhat disappointed by some users and the toxicity towards newcomers as if when they came into this space, they knew and understood everything there is to know about crypto. Heck, they probably still don't. THey just like flexing and it's wrong. It puts people off an otherwise wonderful movement. Anyhoo, I'm an optimist and so believe the majority of people in crypto are nice folk who want to help. Just reach out.

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