A middle finger to my ex and a wink n nod to the crypto gods

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A middle finger to my ex and a wink n nod to the crypto gods

Like millions of others, I bought my original BTC around 150-700 and then sold in 2017 after some medical issues causing me to lose my job. Obviously, a very big mistake but lesson learned.

Last year, my bride-to-be and I began to set aside cash in the midst of the pandemic via deferring our crushing rent (Los Angeles) and debts (student loans, her addiction to consumption, my medical, etc.). I pulled everything out of stocks and such and altogether, I invested around 13k into crypto.

Again, like millions of others, I was not in my right mind throughout the pandemic, lockdown, riots, etc. I was broken and not acting like myself. Don't want to get too personal but for example, I'm suffering PTSD from watching people get shot point-blank in the streets and get ran over, blah blah blah. All sad. Point is, I became something other than myself.

In spite of the fact that I had been there for her through addiction, relapses, family deaths, etc., my significant other could not handle these changes to my daily attitude and behaviors. She acted out by cheating on me with someone I despise. Then treated me very poorly for weeks, even as I bought us a nice vacation among other things. She then dropped over 20k worth of rent and debts on me and left me in the dust.

Now, my original investments are edging on a value of 200k give or take and guess who keeps asking me for money? Guess who is declaring bankruptcy? Guess who is getting cheated on with their new bf? Guess who to a thousand more similar questions. Her argument is that it was both of us using our money but it's all in my name and she dropped more debt on me than what she contributed to wtf does she expect. I might help anyway because I'm not a complete ass but it's nice being the winner here.

Funny how someone thinks they can do better without you but then they end up doing worse. Anyway, just wanted to share the underdog story and celebrate my big win in the face of so many losses this past year.

I'm excited to retire in ten years!! HODL HODL HODL

TLDR; fiancee cheated and left me due to my mental illness from the shit show of 2020 but my 13k crypto investment last year is up to around 200k and she's begging me for money falsely claiming it belongs to both of us. I win.

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