Non-fungible Tokens with No Gas Fee

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Non-fungible Tokens with No Gas Fee

With the current high gas prices, it can cost more than $50 to mint just one NFT.

I am designing a website that will use xDai to create NFT's with no gas fee. The website will charge a flat fee of just $1 for each NFT.

You can create NFT's to sell your products or services. For example, your NFT can include 10 hours of programming services. As each hour is used, the website will allow you to decrement the hours that are left on that token.

NFT's can also be resold on this website. Before purchasing an NFT, the buyer will be able to see how many products or services are remaining on that token.

What product or service would you sell using gas-free NFT's? Or would you use the NFT's for another purpose?

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