Is it profitable to turn my own art into NFT’s?

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Is it profitable to turn my own art into NFT’s?

First of all, I'm relatively new to investing, crypto and NFT's but I've been a digital artist for years. I'm still studying but I've done commissioned posters before and I've gotten a surprising amount of social engagement around my work on various subreddits as well as Instagram. Over the years, I've consistently designed posters in my free time, mainly centred around sports.

I'm really interested by Ethereum and the sudden NFT surge (as I'm sure everyone is) but I've also heard about how discouraging gas fees and minting costs can be. At least on Rarible, the sports trading card section is dominated by one seller and the quality of their work is low, but the demand is high as they sell for thousands of dollars. It's a relatively small, niche part of the NFT market, but it's dominated by a couple of sellers who are making bank.

Again, this whole NFT thing is extremely new to me, but I'd be interested in getting in as early as I can. I'm sitting on about a decade's worth of posters that do nothing but collect dust on my computer. You can view some of my work on my account, but I wonder how it would transfer to this marketplace, and whether it would be worth it or not.

Whats the best way to sell your own art? Where? Is it worth it?

I'm still having a difficult time understanding the basics, and where would be the best place to start. I'm clearly quite lost and I'd appreciate any help or feedback regarding this.


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