I’m 40 and sometimes feel too old to understand crypto.

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I’m 40 and sometimes feel too old to understand crypto.

I'm a 40 year old female who has always prided myself on being fairly tech savvy. My friends all come to me for advice, I'm the first line of defense at work with a computer or tech issue. I'm pretty good with the old school ways of things, but I find crypto to be over my head sometimes.

There is so much in this system and so many terms, I just don't understand it. I've been involved in crypto for 4 years and the ideas of roll-ups and staking and yield farming and even simply connecting my wallet to metamask I find terrifying and intriguing. I try to explain it to y 61 year old father, and I find myself less and less able to understand and relay the information. I'm so hopeful in this tech because I'm guessing that many of YOU get it, so moving forward these technologies will have greater embracing, not less. But still, it's dejecting to not understand these things.

I spent two hours trying to initially transfer but ultimately send USDC from my coinbase account to a new coinbase wallet. Still ended up having to send it the old fashioned way (manually typing in the address). I'm terrified having metamask. Linking these things together without an actual login to compound finance I find unnerving. I'm used to a login, password, not a linked connection. Does anyone else have these challenges or is it just the first sign that technology is growing, changing and will eventually leave me in the dust?

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