How I got fucked by a bag of moons

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How I got fucked by a bag of moons

Last week I read all these post (like two, but it felt like a lot) about people selling their moons and cashing out big. So naturally I thought, why not kjarkr? Well one answer was that I only had a total of 700ish moons, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I found a site that let’s you swap moons off of rinkeby for Nano. Like proper, actual coins. 10 of them actually, so a whopping $50! 😀

I got the coins over to my exchange and carefully pulled out. I then immediately released that this is nowhere near enough money to fulfill any of my big dreams. Except maybe one. One small one. So I went for it.

A few days ago, my first Aneros prostate massager arrived in the mail. It was an experience I’ll tell you that. So this is the story of how I got fucked by moons. Be careful out there, it could happen to you too!

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