Crypto Youtubers that are worth watching

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Crypto Youtubers that are worth watching

I feel like a lot of newcomers get their information through crypto youtubers. That’s great. What’s not so great is the amount of youtubers like Bitboy who are promoting shitcoins so he can get some sweet profit himself.

Here are some youtubers I really recommend if you’re watching a lot of YouTube or just want to get more informed in the Crypto Space.

  1. My favorite is by far Crypto Jerome. He is very small but his videos are such great quality and he really goes in depth. The most talked about coin on his channel is Cardano where he goes in depth with the history behind the names like Cardano, Daedalus Yoroi and so on. I like him so much I made a subreddit dedicated to him. Feel free to check it out or don’t if you don’t want to. r/cryptojerome

  2. Coinbureau is another great and informative youtuber who just like the Crypto Jerome doesn’t promote coins but rather tries to give out information about the various coins. He is great for beginners and if you want to learn more about different coins.

3-4. Cryptodad and 99bitcoins. They are both very informative youtubers who make tutorials and educational content. Cryptodad focuses more on how to buy and store different coins where as 99bitcoins goes in depth about the technology in blockchain and different coins

  1. Exodus. This channel is made by the Exodus team which also is a wallet. It has great videoes explaining coins for beginners

  2. Simply explained is my go to channel if I want to undertand the underlying technology of a certain coin. Or blockchain technology in general. He is not a crypto youtuber and does a lot of other tech stuff but does make a fair amount of crypto related content

  3. An honorable mention would be Sheldon Evans whom I really love too. His videos are very informative and focuses a bit more on the financial aspect than the others. He’s also the one out of these doing the most analysis.

All of these channels are educational and won’t promote coins but rather teach you about them.

Feel free to recommend others in the comments. Thanks for reading have an amazing day 🙂

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