Crypto has been the only good thing to me this past year / 2 – THANK YOU CRYPTO <3

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Crypto has been the only good thing to me this past year / 2 – THANK YOU CRYPTO <3

Things have been shit, really shit.

My uncle got brain cancer and died pretty suddenly and i could not fly home to see him due to COVID – he was going to come visit me in Greece (where i was traveling) but now he can't and i was not able to say goodbye.

my friends (the few i have) live far away and have become incredibly anti-vaccine/covid (i mean shit, i get it, this all sucks and i cant trust my government either, but I like to trust in science) and so i dont really talk to them much..

quarantine has just been driving me insane (as im sure it has for some of you) – my gf is the only social interaction i have in a foreign country (i am in croatia right now but from usa)

and we both dont know what to do – both of us deal with depression/anxiety before this and it has only gotten worse.

i put 90% of my small amount of money into bitcoin about 2.5-3 years ago now and watched it go from growing a tiny bit to losing 80% of its value to then where we are now

Bitcoin has never let me down (some alts have) and i dont see them stopping any time soon

i am forever grateful to this new technology and all of you here who provide good information over the years. seriously. thank you.

here's to 110k+ this year and 1million per btc in 5-10.

with crypto i can actually envision a bright future for myself – i've lived in forests before – can barely hold down a job etc. but now… i wake up with plans for a future.

to the future! <3

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