Amicable fork of ethereum

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Amicable fork of ethereum

I've answered a couple posts on forks and there seems to be interest/discussion. I've posted on the possibility of what's called an "amicable fork" and gotten no interest so here goes my last try (less half baked this time).

I've always thought it was strange that forks are so contentious. Members of the reddit-eth community, which I wouldnt consider indicative of the community at large, act with extreme vitriol to some of the side chains/or clones that are serving as trial grounds for the real deal (eth itself). The success of these protocols should indicate there is some interest.

It seems to be dogma that a fork is a bad thing. Why? If you look at bch/btc split based on value (ie market cap) there was clearly interest and a purpose for bch. In retrospect, rather than fighting the community could have probably gone about the fork earlier and more amicably.

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