Thoughts after my first month with Crypto

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Thoughts after my first month with Crypto

TL:DR: I'm here to stay and watch this become the new normal. Also I'm honored to die trading alongside each of you, moonsters.

Disclaimer: I've never traded anything, so this was a very raw thing for me. I had a lot to figure out & understand.


It all started on 11/1. My binance account got verified and I blasted $20 on my first purchase. Of course, bitcoin. I didn't even knew there were any other coins.

$20 is a fair amount where I live, being a good share of the between minimum-medium wage I earn. I wanted it to grow, but I also wanted to have more of them to grow, so I started asking you guys what's the way.

I became addicted from the very first purchase confirmation. Blockfolio was used so much that it drained 50% of my battery(and the phone's one), daily!


Sold the BTC for a small profit to see how binance works. With your advice I went on XLM, ADA, NANO and DOT.

Then I started researching for free crypto. I found coinbase earn, coinmarketcap, faucets and others. My portfolio was high as a kyte from being such green.

Even decided to quit smoking to have more for crypto.

I was researching everything in every direction, 360°. News, whitepapers, reddit posts, devs AMA, blogs, youtube.. you name it, I've done it.


After a week decided to learn stuff only from this community, taking everything with a pinch of salt as advised. Mainly because everyone was shilling their bags out there, happens here too but not everytime. And boy I've learnt a lot.

Then I wanted to give back, I felt in debt for this community. Made posts about wallets and coins, commented on as much newbie(or even veterans) posts about better ways, better possibilities and so on.

Way long after I started giving back, I found out that for helping people you get rewarded again. So, people help you, you help others in return and you get yet again helped. Still confused if this is real. Yes, I'm talking about moons.

You guys rewarded me for the help I felt the need to give back with 1500 moons. Almost my damn paycheck.


All in my first month.

You guys are fucking legends, thank you for everything.

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