This subreddit is more important than you realise.

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This subreddit is more important than you realise.

I recently joined the crypto community in Reddit and I can honestly say it is one of the most informative and helpful communities out there. This subreddit in particular always brings awareness for new comers and reassurance about dips so people don’t panic sell. I think this is important as it allows people to actually understand how the markets work and genuinely decreases stress levels of individuals who may panic without this reassurance.

Also, the information I have learned is incredible. I have found out about new technologies, new ideas, new coins with unique features and it’s like I’m learning about the future and what will eventually be common knowledge like the internet is today.

I just want to say thank you to everyone. Even the memes are needed now and then to add laughter and jokes to what would otherwise be a very serious community.

I spoke about crypto to some people at work and no one knew about this Reddit page or the Reddit crypto community, and I want to say if you are here and reading this you have no idea how early and ahead of the game we are. The vast majority don’t know we exist, and they definitely don’t know how much knowledge we pass on to other and that is the most valuable thing. Thanks everyone for your help you’ve given me, and no doubt will carry on giving.

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