Mode Crypto – £20 in BTC for buying £100 (instant reward/withdrawal) (Android & iOS)

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Mode Crypto – £20 in BTC for buying £100 (instant reward/withdrawal) (Android & iOS)

Mode is a UK crypto platform to buy and sell bitcoins Bitcoin

They give £20 BTC in one of two ways: a) for buying £100 or b) depositing 0.01BTC into their "Interest Account", this earns 5%APY.

This offer takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Open to UK residents only.


  • Sign up via link, fill in your phone number
  • verify your account.
  • Deposit £100
  • Buy £100 worth of BTC
  • There should be a notification shortly with regards to the £20 reward “pending”
  • The £20 gets credited to your BTC wallet 24 hours later

Buying BTC with Mode is very quick and easy as the bank transfers are instant. Both depositing and withdrawing. Definitely a promising and very functional platform.

* The original purchase can be sold immediately after triggering the reward. So it's basically impossible to take a loss as the £20 reward will not go to zero overnight. BTC would have to go to zero for the £20 to have no value.

Anyone can:

– buy £100 —-> this triggers a £20 reward that gets credited 24hrs later

– sell the BTC we purchased with the £100

Even accounting for fees (buy/sell), everyone will very likely be making a decent profit as Mode are effectively giving away free money. (£18/19 min)

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