CoinMarketCap Earn should be taken to justice

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CoinMarketCap Earn should be taken to justice

I saw on this subreddit, and in many other crypto subreddits, that a lot of people did not receive their rewards from CMC earn.

For anyone that saw the videos (allegedly), answered the questions, and took the time to be there, it is preposterous to receive the rewards. I posted on the CMC subreddit, and no answer or explanation was given, only A LOT of other people complaining that they did not receive the rewards.

After looking for just a little bit, I came across this section on the CMC Earn page, where it confirms that the distribution has been completed, but only a small portion of people who completed the quizzes have been rewarded.

The problem is that CMC states this:

Acquire cryptoassets in a fun and low risk way, by watching videos and testing your knowledge.

But then they don't stick to their word. There is no statement saying, for example: "You might be too late to get the rewards, but we still recommend you getting educated on this coin.", leading this to be a misleading promotion overall.

Making this post to bring awareness to the misleading program that CMC earn is, and maybe avoid a lot of you to waste your time watching the videos, and answering the questions, to then not get rewarded. I would definitely recommend Coinbase's earn program, as that has worked flawlessly for me, and is highly rewarding.

Have a great weekend.

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