Can we add a leaderboard for the top MOON tippers in this sub?

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Can we add a leaderboard for the top MOON tippers in this sub?

I think it would be a cool idea (if possible) to add a leaderboard of the users that have tipped the most moons, or even an (optional?) icon with the amount tipped by the user historically.

IMO a compelling use-case of MOONs is to give back to “creators” whose content you value, whether that be informative posts or comedic ones. It can be kind of like the BAT token brave browser has, which is supposed to do that more broadly for creators on different platforms.

Obviously I think many users would continue to just hold their moons and never donate, which is perfectly fine, but nevertheless implementing a leaderboard could encourage more tipping.

Update: as commented below, here are some initial thoughts on what might count as a tip, but I'm sure more cypto-savvy members of this sub can come up with better proposals than me.

  1. Track # of users donated to, rather than # of MOONs donated. This could help prevent gaming the system by donating all your MOONs to a second reddit account that you own.

  2. Minimum tip amount, again to prevent people from donating a trivially non-zero amounts to inflate tip numbers. Perhaps 1 MOON minimum tip amount to start.

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