5 Educational Resources That Will Level up Your Cryptocurrency Knowledge

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5 Educational Resources That Will Level up Your Cryptocurrency Knowledge

These resources will help you understand alot about crypto. Check them out.

1. Tokentuber

Tokentuber is a video streaming platform making a concerted effort to better educate its audience on all things crypto. It’s formed an alliance with a growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges to integrate a quiz that pays users to demonstrate their knowledge of digital assets, and to be duly rewarded with tokens and a certificate of achievement.

2. Cointelligence Academy

In addition to providing unique market data on cryptocurrency exchanges and digital assets, cointelligence runs free weekly seminars on all things crypto. Sessions are broadcast live on Youtube every Thursday at 4pm UTC, with an advance schedule detailing forthcoming topics. Blockchain agnostic and about as impartial as it gets, Cointelligence Academy is well worth your time.

3. Earn.com

Earn.com, which was purchased by Coinbase in April 2018, has ramped up its crypto focus, with many of its incentivized tasks now relating to blockchain projects and rewards paid in BTC. However, for the chance to grab more than just a few dollars of crypto at a time, Earn at coinbase offers a range of cryptocurrency-specific courses with payment in the cryptocurrency for which the tutorial is based.

For example, the course on DAI pays $20 worth of the stablecoin for the successful completion of all modules, while the course on EOS pays $50 of EOS tokens. In most cases these rewards are spread across a number of lesson modules such as ‘Lesson 1: What is Dai?’ ($2) and ‘Lesson 2: What is DAI used for?’ ($2), so it will take time and effort to earn the full amount offered. That’s the bad news for anyone looking to earn crypto quick rather than treating the rewards as a learning bonus, but the site is currently offering up to $130 of payments across a number of tutorials and currencies, making it one of the most lucrative learning opportunities in the cryptosphere right now.

4. Binance Academy

the educational division of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. Unlike Token Tuber, Binance academy has not gamified this content to incentivize participation, but instead offers it as a free resource. Content has been sorted into five categories: blockchain, security, economics, tutorials and video, and is characterized by deep, original research complemented by clean presentation that aids learning. Another neat feature of Binance Academy is that every article comes with an estimated time to read as well as an audio transcript. The audio transcript is clearly computer generated, but the technology is sophisticated enough that the synthetic voice isn’t overly distracting.

5. Captain Bitcoin

Similar in concept to Token Tuber, Captain Bitcoin hosts video content and offers financial rewards for the completion of designated tasks. In the case of Captain Bitcoin, those rewards are activated by a referral competition, boosting the profile of the site toward its target of 100k users before launch. Right now Captain Bitcoin is offering $15,000 in BTC for users who help to build the community as well as 1,000 captain tokens for each successful referral.

In future, the site intends to give away $1,000 in BTC daily, with users qualifying by watching at least two videos every day. At the moment, the site is in its pre-launch phase, so it isn’t currently possible to stake a claim to the prize pot, since the required video content does not yet exist. As it stands, Captain Bitcoin remains an intriguing concept that could incentivize greater content engagement while boosting learning.


You need to learn much about this space to help you maximize the benefits in crypto. Go through this resource to help you enrich your knowledge.

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