PSA: Before you update to Geth 1.10.0

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PSA: Before you update to Geth 1.10.0

The most recent Geth release introduces massive changes to the database structure (introducing snapshot generation), and also brings feature called "Transaction unindexing"

The first time you run new release of the client, it will run both of them in parallel, requiring massive amount of I/O operations.

In case of Raspberry Pi users like me, or if low-end SSD is used, expect the node to temporarily fall out of sync.

My setup is Rpi 4 + Samsung 860 EVO SSD, and for a period of ~24h node was lagging upto ~30 minutes behind the most recent block. Once the transaction unindexing is completed, snapshot generation alone isn't posing any significant issues (altough its time estimation is worthless, it went from 240h to >5000h, to 800h now and dropping rapidly)

If you're using Geth for something critical, like staking, make sure you have a hardware powerful enough to handle it, and/or a backup solution just in case.

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