I’ve been tracking these fake Crypto Fund/trading scammers for more than a year.

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I’ve been tracking these fake Crypto Fund/trading scammers for more than a year.

I've been tracking these fake Crypto Fund/trading scammers for more than a year.

There's a fake Crypto Fund active on Twitter promoted by multiple fake accounts with a huge following. It all started when I found this account called ''BitHades'' claiming to do insane crypto giveaways. He claims to own about 1m Bitcoin (biggest bs ever) according to his bio; ''Worlds Greatest Trader – Humble Crypto Expert – I manage over 980,000 Bitcoin. I have 100% IQ and 100% success rate. Crypto + Stocks + Calls + Insider Info.''

It started to get interesting when I got contacted by a person that rather remains anonymous. He told me he got exit scammed by a crypto fund called ''Parrot Capital" for thousands of dollars. The account that promoted and allegedly owned this fund was called ''CryptoWelson''. The Twitter account apparently got ''hacked'' but I'm 100% sure it's still controlled by this person.

Conversation between Cryptowelson/Bithades and the person that got scammed.

The account at that time was called ''Bithades'' but has been rebranded after staying locked for 6 months to ''RoryCapital''. How do I know this? I had a chat with the account on Twitter when it still was called BitHades. This person/group built a huge network stirring their followers to certain Telegram groups where they can get ''1 on 1 crypto trading counseling' or be part of an ''investment fund''. Because these ''services'' are shilled by a large account it might appear legit, but avoid at all costs!

Current Twitter accounts associated with this scam:

  • Rorycapital; 29.1k followers
  • Cryptowhale; 79.1k followers
  • Cryptomotus; 2.6k followers.
  • FoxContest; 17.5k followers; inactive for 3 months.
  • Cryptorandy; 0 followers, abandoned
  • BitKrabs; 179 followers, abandoned
  • Bithades; deleted and restarted, used to have 30K followers; 200 now.
  • Randy the Raccoon; deleted account.
  • Paxontrades; suspended
  • Satosheye; Suspended
  • Bitpivots; Suspended
  • SinkTrader; used to have 20k followers; abandoned.
  • Bitangler; suspended.
  • Griffincharts; 1900 followers.

How do they get followers?

The person/group behind this scam all use very similar layouts and designs with bright colours and similar texts for their twitter accounts.

Four of the main accounts that promoted this scam.

These accounts start with giveaways of something ridiculous '' 0.1 BTC or 1 ETH ''for instance. They use the larger accounts (CryptoWhale) to retweet these tweets to get followers. After a while they rebrand the whole account into a trading account and start dragging people into ''exclusive'' Telegram groups.

I will keep following this group/individual for the time being. I was told by the person who got scammed that they're trying to sue this group/person. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: some claim CryptoWhale has nothing to do with all this and is even followed by a well-known XRP shiller called Kevin Cage.


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