The absolute shitshow that is YouTube crypto content

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The absolute shitshow that is YouTube crypto content

I’m a developer and naturally I wanted to create a crypto trading bot because made mad gains yo!!!1one

I head over to Github, find a few decent looking projects. Some even look really solid and a few have great documentation. Nice!

I deploy a couple on my homelab to compare and I realize I don’t know the first thing about trading, especially not wrt crypto. So I jump on YouTube to find some nice intros to how all this works. types “crypto trading bot”

Holy crap what an absolute shitshow. Suddenly, I’m figuratively raped in the face by this behemoth of bros in videos with special effects that would put any StarWars movie to shame.

But it’s all bullshit. There is no actual content, only marketing disguised as “objective advice” from people who couldn’t find their own logic if it jumped up and shat on their lap. They are too busy saying stuff like “yo yo yo wazzup youtuuuuube” while jumping around in some perverted attempt at acquiring a personality. And ofc shilling their own coins/links/whatever. So I learned nothing and I’m quite frankly a bit pissed.

Idk I’m just blown away by the incredible amount of worse than useless content that appear the moment you enter crypto in the search bar. I just discovered the /r/AlgoTrading sub and it’s crypto brother /r/AlgoTradingCrypto so I guess I’ll hang around there for a while. But if you are sitting on some good articles or videos regarding crypto trading bots and strategies, please share 🙂

Edit: typo

Edit2: No those subs are not related to the Algo coin. I ain’t no shill.

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