March Mod Announcements 📣 Note on NFT Art Posts, Active / New Mods, Resource List

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March Mod Announcements 📣 Note on NFT Art Posts, Active / New Mods, Resource List

Hey everyone 👋 welcome to March! Here are a few housekeeping items that I will combine into a single post.

Note on NFT Art Posts

There's been a ton of excitement around NFTs on Ethereum lately. NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token" – aka a digital object with provenance (who owned it when), and markets built into it, all enabled by the Ethereum blockchain. While the concept has been around for a few years, they've really started taking off in USD terms and public awareness. Learn more about NFTs here:

While we are very happy to see artists exploring new forms of ownership and patronage, the r/ethereum frontpage has become very full of artists sharing their work. Therefore, we've decided to start removing NFT art posts in order to keep r/ethereum as a tech and protocol focused space. Discussion on NFTs and their place in the Ethereum economy, or news from NFT companies, will still be permitted. A few places you can check out to post your work:

  • r/NFT is a great place to share your work and connect with other creators
  • many of the NFT marketplaces have lively community discords (Zora, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, many others)

Active / New Mods

r/ethereum continues to grow daily – we recently crossed 700k members! We're doing our best to improve the quality of the sub every day.

Active mods include u/Evanvanness u/Twigwam u/ligi u/edmundedgar u/vbuterin u/jbschweitzer u/souptacular . We've also added two new mods recently: u/trent_vanepps (me!) and u/always_question

If there's anything spammy or scammy, please reach out! We're always open for other suggestions on how to improve the sub, so drop us a DM.

Resource List

High Gas Prices ⛽ Info & Resources
EIP-1559 Expected Benefits, Possible Challenges, Misconceptions

Thanks everyone for participating here!

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