List GWEI in $USD as well

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List GWEI in $USD as well

I totally get the reluctance to do so, but we really do need to express all this GWEI stuff in $ USD as well.


Cos it takes a loooong time to really get used to a new currency.

I've lived in SE Asia for about 16 years now, and I know it was at LEAST 5 years before I stopped looking at prices and quickly calculating what that meant in "real" money.

Now, today, I genuinely look at prices in Malaysian ringgit, and if I see a price in GBP or USD I now do the opposite, and quickly calculate what the heck that means in ringgit!

My point is money, and its currency, is really, really, deeply embedded in our heads. We cannot comfortably spend money without a little voice in the back of our head figuring it out in 'real money'.

We can deny that, each of us can claim to be an exception, that you're so yung n trendi that you're not affected – but yes you are, and sure as heck noobs coming in are.

Just throwing it out there, for y'all to think about 🙂

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