Accepted Moon proposals

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Accepted Moon proposals

I see a lot of questions regarding which moon proposals have been passed. Here is a list with the proposals that have passed and with additional information if there is more information about it.

  • Double comment karma vs post karma
  • 20% bonus for keeing moons from previous distribution in vault
    • Users that have not moved MOONs out of their vault from the previous month would receive a 20% bonus to their total karma for the purposes of calculating MOON distribution, with that scaling down to 0% bonus linearly for the case of people that have moved all MOONs out of their vault from the previous month's distribution. This would not affect users receiving MOONs for the first time.
    • With the possible exception of using MOONs to buy special memberships – that purchase would not count towards your bonus.
  • Limit post/comment karma to 1k
    • This poll will limit the karma anyone can receive from posts and comments to 1k per post or comment.
  • Change moon distribution for comedy posts and media posts.
    • Comedy posts and media posts MUST be posted with the appropriate flair.
    • Screenshots of tweets or from other social media must be posted with the "media" flair if non-comedy or comedy if comedy.
    • Karma weight for posts with the flairs “media” and “comedy” will be reduced to 10% with a cap of 500 moons.
    • Restrict the ability to edit post flairs to only mods. This is to prevent switcheroos.
  • Edit: Proposal to give 0 karma for MOON distribution to copy and paste meme posts
    • This one is rejected because its to hard to implement. There is also a poll about banning memes al together so.

At the moment of the snapshot, everything is included. So when you get the 20% bonus, that will mean its added to your karma. The same applies for the double comment karma, this is added to your karma.

If i missed something, please comment.

Hope this helps with some of the questions. Goodluck moon friends.

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